$1000 000.00 Testimony (from zero to Hero)

Br Murphy in Church testifies

Br Murphy in Church testifies

Here is a testimony of Br Murphy. One day the woman of God (Prophetess Colette Williams Of Eternal Freedom Ministries International) was praying at church and God highlighted to the woman of God that she should pray for him. She called him home. At that time Br Murphy had only $US2 in his pocket and things were not going well for him. He hadn’t paid his rent for 3 months and so many bills were due. When he got to the house the woman of God gave him $US10 and then prophesied over his life that God was about to turn his life around. He rejoiced and glorified God. The woman of God then prophesied that she saw the number 4 concerning him. He held onto the word and then went home. The next day he went to town and met a friend. The friend was with a gentleman. As soon as the gentleman saw br Murphy he rejoiced and told him that God said to him he will meet someone and that they would connect spiritually. He told br Murphy that God showed him that he was the one to work with. He then took him to his company and to the amazement of Br Murphy the man ran a whole wing of offices. The man signed documents with him giving him 20% shares of his company. As the woman of God prophesied concerning the number 4, br Murphy was given shares of 4 projects. 1. He received 20% shares of a diamond cutting company. 2.He received 20% shares of a housing projects where they are putting up cluster homes. Its in an upmarket area. 3.He received 20% shares of another housing project in another upmarket place 4. He received 20% shares in a solar project where they will be powering up most of the city during the day. He flies to South Africa on business this Monday. He brought the owner of the company to the woman of God so that she could bless the projects which amount to millions of US dollars. As that was not enough, the woman of God prayed for his wife a few months ago concerning her stomach and today she is pregnant. God is awesome. What makes this testimony awesome is the fact that br Murphy testified that he is not educated but today he has a PA, a huge office and so much more. God is awesome. He brought all the documents with him for the congregation to see. Glory be to God.


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